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dining room table/layou

10 months ago
last modified: 10 months ago

Looking for help picking furniture size/placement for our dining room. We use the room for hosting family gatherings and holiday dinners....where we are usually around 7-10 people (but sometimes might be up to 12)

I feel like it is an awkward space because of the size, the french doors, and how nothing seems properly centered (solid red line is the center of the not centered on that. Dotted red Line is the center of the doorway (main ingress/egress to the room)

Removing the french doors is not really an option as we close the room off to guests when we have someone over sometimes (the rest of the first floor is totally open) and we close the room for much of the winter to save on heating costs.

The room overall is 11x13...the french doors are 6', and right now there is a server in the room (shown on the left wall) which is 4.5'x1.5'. If it were going to dramatically change the look/feel/functionality of the space to get rid of the server or replace with something different, we probably could but do benefit from the storage and from having a place to put dishes of food during a meal near, but not on the table. You can ignore the green dotted line, that was just me trying to think of how much space do we really have to work with (that box is 11.5x8.75)

Welcome any suggestions on layout/furniture dimensions etc.

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