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Looking for advice on built-in & fireplace update

Damon Grambow
10 days ago

I am extremely challenged when it comes to interior decorating. Wondering if you good folks would offer suggestions on how I can update my very large built in cabinet and fireplace/hearth in our family room. The house is very 90's with golden oak trim throughout. My main concern is the fireplace with gold trim and brick hearth that has almost a pink-ish color to it.

I've considered painting the built in and hearth but I am hesitant to paint the wood since there is no going back. Generally, I tend to err on the side of keeping wood natural, even if it is golden oak.

For the brick, I have considered white-washing, painting white or even black. Not much I can do with the fireplace and hideous gold trim short of replacing it.

I have even considered removing the fireplace and hearth completely and replacing with an electric rectangular fireplace and vertical slats so I can mount a TV in the center of the built-in. I just don't trust my intuition which is why I am reaching out.

Note: disregard the arm chair and the rug as they are both gone. Chair was replaced by a vintage mid century sofa.

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