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On the horns of a dilemma - luncheon

10 days ago
last modified: 10 days ago

I have messed up. I have invited my sister to our cookbook club luncheon in anticipation of one of the regular members not coming which usually happens. However, all of the members are coming. So, now there will be 9.

I have a 60” round dining table that will seat 8, cozily. I have a square table that seats 4 without the leaves, 6 with, in the breakfast area. I do not have a leaf for the 60” round. My living area is all open. In a sort of truncated U, I have a dining area that opens to the living area that opens to the breakfast area that opens to the kitchen (are there enough ”areas” in that sentence?).

My choices, as I see them, are 5 at the DR table and 4 at the breakfast table which cannot be seen from each other, or jam everyone around the DR table. And I do mean JAM.

What would you do, other than hope and pray someone cancels?

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