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Fragrant Climbing neighbor for Flamenco Rosita

I’m a bit concerned about a possible color clash. I need a fragrant climbing rose on an arbor with Perfume Breeze. My arbor will be 7 feet tall and 6 feet deep. I want a larger bloom with a deeper color to contrast with Perfume Breeze which is on one side of the arbor. On the side of the arbor where my rose in question will grow, the closest neighbors are Flamenco Rosita, Eden Climber and Florence Bowers Pink Tea. FR is the only one that has me stumped because of her rather loud, but lovely, color. The two climbers I am thinking of are Crimson Glory or Lavender Crush, both rich colors that could potentially clash. Any input for me? Will one of these look better than the other?Will both of them look awful? Should I consider another color? My main requirements are that it’s fragrant and fits well on an arbor of that size, nothing too huge that I need to fight to keep in its place.

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