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How much insulation for garage door on unconditioned garage?

10 days ago

This is for a new build. There is no living space above the garage (just storage) and the garage walls will be well-insulated. We're looking at garage doors in the Amarr Heritage line. One model is R6.65 and the other is R9. I'm not sure we need R9 in the first place, so that's my main question. Also, a consideration for us is that the R9 has steel on both sides, which leads to restrictions on the colors that can be used on it--any medium to dark colors aren't allowed. They'll match a lot of Sherwin Williams exterior paint colors--but for that R9 door, they won't do any of the colors we're likely to choose that will work with the rest of the house exterior. (This is a modern house and the garage will be the same color as the rest of the exterior.) If we were living above the garage it would seem important to go for the higher number. But in this case, I don't know if it matters?

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