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Barndominium of a friend

Jazz Lover
14 days ago

A young millennial couple I know are wanting to build a Segway home for their future real home. This will be to get them by for the next five years till they start a family. (The permanent home will be attached w a breezeway in the future)I see lots of design flaws and she is wanting to come to him with your suggestions. He won’t hire an architect and is about to start building soon so she is hoping for some help. First of all she notices there’s no pantry storage, the toilets in an awkward place downstairs and the front door appears to open into the middle of the living room. Upstairs has no linen storage(suggestions please)The outside structure is pretty much non negotiable except maybe window and door placements.Any suggestions to help this poor girl out as she will be stuck(for a few years anyway) once it’s done? I’ve been telling her what sweet smart people there on this forum so I truly appreciate any guidance for her. TIA

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