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Are My Quartzite Fabrication Costs Crazy?

Britt Wilen
15 days ago
last modified: 15 days ago


I purchased three large crystal Quartzite slabs for our our kitchen, wet bar and fireplace. The material alone ran 18k from MSI.

Our contractor told us it would cost 15k for ALL our stone fabrication throughout the home, which includes 2 full sized bathrooms and the powder room. After completing the kitchen, he’s now saying the 15k was solely for that job NOT the bathrooms. This seems completely insane to me, and because we’re about to move in in two weeks it sort of feels like we're being extorted. Or maybe I'm completley off and his pricing is fair?

Here's a list of details that might be impacting cost:

- 7x Integrated sinks throughout (ex. made of same stone as counter for seamless look)

- rounded/curved waterfall edge on island

- Floating vanities

- Kitchen includes 2 foot backsplash, counter, island (per above) and 5 floating shelves.

- Fireplace surround.

- Small Wet Bar counter

Two years ago we did the fireplace and same kitchen work for 4.5k which we still thought was pricy. For context, we had a pipe burst in house which is why were re-doing. Located in LA.

Any advice, especially from fabricators, contractors, project managers or flippers extremely welcome!

Thank you.

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