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Polyurethane coat - can I do only half the room then other half later?

2 months ago


I need to add a coat of polyurethane to my floors. The problem is, in one of the rooms of my apartment, there is a HUGE wardrobe and a giant four post bed. They will not fit out the door, so I would need to take them apart which we are trying to avoid doing cause the bed was handmade and was so hard for us to put it together - we fear if we take it apart, we will not be able to put it together properly again.

SO. My question is this. Can we polyurethane half the room, wait a few days for it to dry then push the furniture over the part we did and continue to coat the other side? Or will that leave a noticeable mark bewteen them? The wood in my rooms are full length pine from one side of the room to the other - so we would be able to poly the whole length of a board and stop.

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