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Is Refinishing of Concrete Countertops Project fit for DIY? Loop

2 months ago

We recently bought a house with a beautifully renovated kitchen (circa 2017) with quartz countertops and a
a rather large concrete island (48.5” x 103.5”.)

The problem is that the island gets stained by anything and everything placed on it and has started looking shabby. It needs buffing, revealing, and polishing

I contacted the the original installers who refuse to respond regarding refinishing it. So I'm leaning towards a weekend dedicated to elbow grease using CHENG Concrete Countertop Sealer and Care Bundle (which contains Concrete Sealer, Countertop Wax, Polish, Sheepskin Buffing Pad, and a bottle of Interstar concrete and granite countertop cleaner.)

Is the DIY option feasible or foolhardy?!

I am wondering if any DIYers have suggesti

I believe we need it to be buffed and sealed. It gets stained by anything placed on it.

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