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Two front doors and want to add curb appeal

Amiee Wilson
2 months ago

I know this dilemma has come up before, but my cottage is a little different as it is on foundation pillars and has a front deck. Just looking for some suggestions to take it from looking like a mini home to a cottage look. We cannot remove the secondary door as there is nowhere for it to go without taking a window out, so it is not an option. I thought of putting in a portico or a covered porch on the main door. Thoughts? Also, the siding will be updated to Tando rough-sawn cedar vinyl in seaside grey ( As well, we are removing the white skirting and adding Tando Stone ( instead. At the very left of the picture is the privacy fence for the hot tub. Don't mind the deck as it was a work in progress with no ballasts at the time of the picture and will probably be replaced in another few years. My main focus is to change the exterior so it no longer looks like a mini-home, which it is not. It's been an old cottage back in the 70's and has been added onto 3 times. Thanks so much for everyone's help!

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