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Worst Type Of Potential Customer

The worst type of potential customers are those that disrespect the value of a contractor's time.

I drove over an hour to be greeted at the door by a noisy little ankle-biter type dog. Fluffy would't put a muzzle on it even when I'm standing in front of the kitchen sink about to give my presentation. The customers looked at me like I was supposed to speak over that yapping mutt. Nagadoit.

I stood there in silence with a "one of us is going to leave" look on my face. He put the dog in a kennel in the kitchen, it quieted down, and I waited until I had their undivided attention. Can you imagine holding a yapping dog in your lawyer's office? Does your doctor give you your diagnosis over the barking din? Why would they consider me any less of a professional?

I'm a cat person, but I love dogs. I understand that the dog is only doing what is instinctive, protecting his territory, however, relieving himself is instinctive too, but the owners have trained him as to where and when. Same thing here.

Another minute of that crap and I would have left.

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