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Kitchen cabinet color scheme, help please :-)

2 months ago

Hi everyone! We recently purchased this house, and the kitchen needs a serious structural overall. That big project is probably a few years away, but i want to do the bare minimum to cosmetically improve things so the kitchen looks less icky on a daily basis. i'm thinking that will motivate me to cook more :-)

The immediate plan is to:

1) paint the cabinetry (including the dark brown built-in, same color as other cabinets)

2) add new hardware,

3) somehow make a DIY improvement to the dirty white countertops

4) new pendant lights

5) DIY backsplash of some sort.

6) the walls are currently light gray, and this could change, depending on cabinet color.

9) somehow improve the icky linoleum partial floor.

I have a painter coming in 8 days, and I need to choose a cabinet color before then. I was hoping you all could give me some suggestions. I was going to just go the easy route and paint the cabinets white (possibly Chantilly Lace)....but then I was also pondering something in the light green family (like F&B Pigeon, or Cromarty).

I'd love any suggestions you might have on cabinet paint colors, or overall suggested color palettes. THANKS SO MUCH!

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