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Settling/foundation problems?

Leah Hirshberg
16 days ago
last modified: 16 days ago

I'm wondering if I should be concerned about how much my house is settling.

The home was built in 1974. We moved in 6 years ago. No foundation issues on the inspection report. When we moved in, it was clear that there was lots of sloping of the floors. There's also evidence that the doors upstairs have been moved down several times, assuming from sticking (pic attached).

Since we've been here, we've had to move a couple of doors due to sticking. I've recently noticed cracks next to the molding around two doors (pics attached). I don't think these were here a couple of years ago.

The foundation looks like it's been patched before? Pics attached, not sure if that's what I'm seeing. There's are a couple slightly larger cracks (in pics), but otherwise the foundation looks pretty good, including in our unfinished basement.

Part of the house is built in a wetland area..... not sure if that increases risk of foundation issues.

I'd love advice on whether or not this seems within normal range of house settling, other things I should be looking for, etc.

Thank you!

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