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Peperomia obtusifolia care

12 days ago

What is the best potting mix for a peperomia obtusifolia? I picked up a peperomia obtusifolia from the garden center the other day and still have it in the original plastic pot. The soil is pretty damp so I'm holding off on repotting it. I've seen various suggestions on potting mix. Some articles and videos say any indoor potting mix works. Other say to amend the potting mix with coconut coir or orchid bark mix or other things because peperomia obtusifolia are epiphytes that are found growing on other plants in nature, not in the ground. Thoughts? I use Epsoma Organic Potting Mix for my non-succulent plants.

Also, the plant tag says the plant prefers low light which is contrary to everything I've seen online. I currently have it in bright indirect light. Is this too much light?

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