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floor to ceiling mirrors - good look or pass?

16 days ago
last modified: 16 days ago

I have found 2 antique French iron mirrors that will exactly fit the corner of my almost finished living room behind the sofa. There is no room to lean them like in the picture (the store they are in). Without crown molding or baseboard the wall is exactly 108” (9 feet) tall. They would have to be hung on the wall. Together the two mirrors are 108” x 108”. The sofa is 110” long.

The house is only 1200 sq. Ft. As you face the sofa there is an 8 foot sliding glass door on the right. The mirror will reflect the TV across the room but should also bring in the outside light and a partial view of the garden.

It feels to me as if hanging the mirrors will make it look more formal whereas I am going for a sophisticated California coastal look.

Does it sound as if it could work? Sorry I don’t have a photo of the house, just the store. Perhaps tomorrow I can get a photo of the empty room if that helps.

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