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Azzura Bay Quartzite countertops

Anne Rambo_Young
2 months ago


Looking for photos/feedback from anyone that has used Azzura Bay Quartzite in their kitchen. Please let me preface this by saying I fully understand this is a natural stone and therefore every each piece is unique. I understand there can be a lot of variation slab to slab etc. Still, I’m asking just to get an idea! I fell in love with a slab today and it’s beauty, but I never intended to go with that much gray on my counters and I also don’t want it to give off a blue cast. It’s hard to envision in my kitchen from a slab on the lot. I’m headed out this week to the warehouse to see about a sample. In the meantime, does anyone have some photos they could share? Are you happy with it? Is it a lot of gray? Or do the white and taupe veining give enough variation?

I am also considering a few quartz options as opposed to natural stone.

Thanks in advance!

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