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Future introductions

hoosier_nan (IN z5b/6a)
2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

Bob and I have been busy lining out future intros. Our plan is to line them out 2 years before introduction so they can be strong plants when we sell them.

Here is a picture of our new bed where the pine trees used to be. And yes, we are digging out a lot of roots.

All of My love to You X Randy Stephens might not have the bud count for registration, but we like the flower.

Apricot Symphony X Sea of Cinders looks to be an intro in 2025.

Chomp X Heavenly Pink Fang is a smallish flower.

Chomp X Happy Holidays to You might be registered in 2025.

We are really excited about Lady Stephanie Victoria Redding X Rosy Spiketail. It has always been a late bloomer until this year when it bloomed mid late. A lot of late bloomers bloomed early too. It also can rebloom.

This is one of our toothiest ones. It is Pineapple Bites X Wandering Werribee.

This seedling is on the small side. It is Rocket Blast X Raggedy Man.

We love this one but aren't sure if it is vigorous enough. It will, one way or another, stay in our garden and it makes beautiful babies when crossed with tall and vigorous daylilies. It is Happy Holidays to You X Sea of Cinders. It takes after Happy Holidays to You, which is a small plant.

We are very excited with the last two. This one is Susan Ruoff X Carrots Forever and it is a possible future for 2025.

This is Small World Fire in the Hole X Stoke the Fire. It is three years old and has 8 fans and excellent stats.

I'll put a ginger photo in the comments.


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