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Supplier claims our countertops are quartzite with a 20-year sealant

13 days ago
last modified: 13 days ago

We bought Neova leather quartzite countertops, and the company supposedly applied a 20-year protective sealant on them. I just noticed that they failed to include a 20-year warranty for the sealant. Six months have passed and the countertops already have developed some etching, a dark stain around the soap dispenser, which is attached to a Never MT conversion kit, a slightly less dark stain on the front lip of the sink, and another stain forming in the back right corner of the sink. I strongly suspect these countertops are dolomite marble. I wish I had known about the lemon juice test before I bought them.

1. Does anyone believe the supplier’s claim that they are quartzite and have a 20-year sealant?

2. Have you ever heard of a 20-year sealant without a 20-year warranty?

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