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Can Miele XXL steam oven + Microwave/Speed oven replace convection ove

2 months ago

We are renovating our kitchen and trying to decide on how many oven we need? We are doing cooktop (so no range oven). We are looking to get 2 oven which can work as convection oven, microwave. It would be great if it can replace our Breville toaster oven if possible. We are vegetarian and use cooktop for most of the cooking (mostly indian food). We dont use our existing big oven very often (at best few times a year for birthday cakes/cookies/cupcakes (not frequently). We have baked pizza in the convection oven (again not very frequently). Combi-steam oven sounds enticing and hopefully we could use it to make more vegetarian meals in the oven.

I am debating between options:

1. Miele Convection oven + Speed Oven (hoping this will replace our toaster oven)

2. Miele Combi steam oven + Speed Oven (wont have any standard size convection oven with this option)

3. Miele Convection oven + Combi steam oven (this will need us to have countertop microwave)

4. Miele Convection oven + Microwave (this is essentially what we have)

Do you have any of the options mentioned above - what do you like or dislike about it?

Does anybody has option 2 mentioed above - do you miss having standard oven?

Any suggestions or tips?

Thanks for your help.

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