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Need Surefire Way To Remove Oxiclean with Odor Blasters Smell

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

**EDIT: I am sensitive to fragrance odors. I still need help in removing the Oxiclean fragrance from my bathroom. The sheets and pillowcases I had soaked in the bathtub I ended up having to throw away. Have to keep bathroom door shut and cannot use that bathroom. Things I have tried numerous times: airing out house (no window in that bathroom, though), white vinegar, baking soda, blue Dawn, rubbing alcohol, more baking soda and left on for 3 days, baking soda in pan on counter, Zeolite (?) rocks that absorb odors, and an air purifier. END OF EDIT.**

What is a surefire way that you know for sure will actually work to remove the strong fragrance left behind by Oxiclean with Odor Blasters, which is supposed to remove odors. (Edit: Problems areas: sheets and pillowcases and my bathroom where I soaked them in the Oxiclean in the bathtub.) I've tried things suggested online, but it is not working. $900 worth of water later (or it feels like it will be that much) and it still stinks.

What I have tried: regular wash in washer, baking soda only wash, vinegar wash, soaking in Borax, blue Dawn, Zorb-x (which works on just about everything else) and fresh air. I'm using a lot of great products, but what am I doing wrong? Company's only suggestion was baking soda and so far it has not worked. What does work, how long do I need to use it, what am I doing wrong, how many hundreds of washes do I need to do? Shame on companies for putting fragrance in products meant to remove odors.

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