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Weird health situation

19 days ago
last modified: 19 days ago

So Monday I was scheduled for a colonoscopy. This was my third or fourth, so I'm used to it. I've struggled with the prep in the past so this time the gastro dr. gave me SuTab., which is pills with water rather than the nasty tasting stuff you drink. At 6pm Sunday night, I took 12 pills, chased by three 16-oz tumblers of water over the next hour and a half. Then Monday morning, at 6am, I repeated this process.

At about 8am, I talked to DH about him walking the dog. That's really the last thing I remember. From that point on, I was hugely confused according to everyone I interacted with. DH told me he'd get the car out and meet me in the driveway. When I didn't show up ten minutes later, he came back into the house and discovered me just sitting on the sofa. I was completely unaware of where we were going and what we were doing. He managed to get me into the car, but in the short 3 mile trip, he said I asked a dozen times where we were going. We valet parked at the hospital, he took me in, turned me over to the colonoscopy team, and then they told him he could leave since we live so close, and they'd call when I was ready to go home. But before he was out of the parking lot, they called and told him they were taking me to the ER as they feared I'd had a stroke based on my mental state. I have absolutely no memory of any of this from about 8am to about 11/11:30. My next memory is being in the ER and talking to my DH maybe an hour or so later. I don't remember being taken to the ER, getting a CT scan, or anything else.

For the rest of the day, I remained confused. I have memories of talking to each of the kids but not in detail. In those convos, I couldn't remember simple things they asked me like, "Do you remember the trip we took together recently?" and I asked them the same questions over and over. They admitted me to the hospital for observation for 'actue confusion' after the CT scan didn't show anything.

The next morning, the attending neuro explained to me that she felt pretty certain I'd probably had a TIA and that she wanted me to have an MRI. I asked her if the MRI would definitively show if I had in fact had a TIA and she said, "Yes, if you had one, we will see the evidence." Later that day, the MRI came back negative for TIA. Which means now it's a big mystery.

I'm scheduled to see my primary doctor on Monday and am trying to get an appointment with a neuro asap, but I wondered if anyone here has experience with something like this. It's a bit frightening, especially since I am planning to go to Europe by myself in the next few months. I'm also fearful that it could happen just anywhere anytime. Today, 48 hours later, I felt like I was about 90% myself. I've had a low-grade headache for two days, and my vision is not quite right. Didn't feel clear headed enough to drive, and I tried to walk the dog, but apparently forgot after harnessing her up, and then only remembered an hour later when I saw the leash sitting in the kitchen. Then I wasn't certain if I had or hadn't, but once we then left the house, I realized, no, I haven't been out here today. Ugh, worrisome and weird!

Oldest daughter, who is a veterinarian, and so understands medical things, believes I had Transient Global Amnesia and that does seem like a spot-on match to my symptoms. And there is a connection to migraine sufferers. Although I haven't suffered migraines for a number of years now, from my mid-twenties to mid-fifties, I suffered from them all the time. Any experience or advice?

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