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Woke up this morning and furnace not working

Kyle Adams
2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

Woke up this morning and the furnace was not working anymore. It turned on for a few minutes early in the morning ran for a few minutes (maybe 5) and then turned off. When I turn power off to the furnace and it turn it back on the fans all go and I get a red glow on the ignitor but it doesn't ignite and it turns off after a few minutes. I have taken the flame sensor out and cleaned it. I have also tried bypassing the pressure switch as recommended on another forum. For bypassing the pressure switch I turned off the power to the furnace, disconnected the two wires to the pressure switch. Turn it back on and then connect those two wires together. When I do that the fans are running but I no longer get a red glow on the ignitor.

Carrier Crusader Natural Gas Furnace

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