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replacing old skylight dome with a vented pyramid

Paul G
2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

Hello everybody,
I have an old and rather large dome skylight: 80" x 80" in the Tampa Bay area -so heat is a concern (hence the reflective film for short term mitigation).
I've contacted the local permitting office and I can replace it like-for-like (so size is not an issue).
Rather than replacing it with a similar but double layer dome such as Maxim Skylights DCM (impact rated), I'd like to put a pyramid with a couple of vented panels such as Velux VSS with fixed windows and/or roof panels for the remainder of the pyramid sides.
Pictures of the current skylight and rough sizing layout for the pyramid are below (assuming Velux VSS C01 for dimensions).
I've never worked on a roof or skylight but I have replaced windows and obtained a permit to open a wall in the past. My plan would be to get a roofer to perform the installation but first I'm trying to assess the feasibility and the appropriate steps.
Any guidance is welcome, and here are my initial questions:
1) Is this a good idea?
2) Can an individual (me) submit the plan for permitting? (or is an architect / load engineer required?)
3) Would obtaining a permit cover me from an insurance perspective?

assuming yes to all above:
4) any suggestions on the framing sizing? 4"x4" for the four edges of the pyramid? 2"x4" for everything else?
5) any suggestions on layout of the different windows/panels, materials and connectors?
6) any other important considerations?

Thanks for your guidance and expertise!

PS: Houzz won't tet me upload .jpg images; any suggestions on that topic too?

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