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Furniture Layout in a narrow(ish) living room

Mr & Mrs Perfectionistos
21 days ago
last modified: 20 days ago

We have a long narrorw(ish) living room (roughly 10x18 ft), lowish ceiling (7ft 8in)
It is open to the dining room on one end (one stair down) and has a same level landing that leads to the kitchen (no doors)
The back wall has a standard window
Now, here is our challenge:
1) We really want to seat 6
2) we do not want to overcrowd the room
3) we do not want to block off the side that leads to the dining room
4) we hate sectionals
I attached our current best idea, the only problem is that it only sits 4 (unless we swap the two seater for a 3)
P.s. there will be no TV

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