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Tough love in the garden

Markay MD-Zone7A
16 days ago

Some roses enjoy only the best perfectly drained, consistently moist, fertile soil with loads of organic matter. Other roses serm to thrive on under less than ideal conditions. For instance, I have read that Bonica does best under vinditions that would stress other roses. Having previously grown hedge of Bonicas with little supplemental water in thin, rocky soil with plenty of root competition, I can attest to this. I am looking to identify other extra tough roses like this. I heard Flamenco Rosita requires no pampering and so far this seems accurate. Caldwell pink has also shown surprising tenacity. I’ve heard really good things about Lemon Fizz and plan to try to find and add it.

Do you all have any other stand-outs that thrive in sub-par conditions?

picture is Caldwell Pink.

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