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Best seedlings Part 2

All of these seedlings are between 2 and 4 years old. I have no stats on these. We don't take stats usually until they are moved from the seedling bed. These are still in seedlings beds. (We are a year behind moving select seedlings.)

Bodacious Bite X Cherry Pie a la Mode

Buddy's Betsy X Stoke the Fire--We love the intense color on this one as well as the fact it has a nice tall scape.

I was hoping for a richer color with streaks on this one, which is Ruby Grandeur X Explosion in the Paint Factory. None of them had stripes, but they are super vigorous, tall and well budded. We have crossed them back to Explosion in the Paint Factory.

We did get stripes on Pink Stripes X Perfect Pose.

I love the dark coloration of Hey Soul Sister X Snidely Whiplash.

This two-year-old seedling is one of my favorites. It is Love All Serve All X Una de Gato.

I was looking forward to seeing this cross bloom. Unfortunately, this one and its siblings got crushed by the tree. Hopefully next year they can show up what they are worth. This Pineapple Bites X Extreme Tangerine.

This one was one of my absolute favorites. It is Sonoran Desert Rose X Crimson Stories. I love the saturated color and the cream edge on the sepals and petals.

We were really surprised by the size of this flower--probably about 8 inches. This is Spacecoast Pumpkin Power X Deadliest Catch.

I was hoping for some teeth on Hip Hop Music X Cherry Pie a la Mode, but, alas, I didn't get any.

I'll put the diploids in the first comment.


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