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Suggestions on New Kitchen Island Lighting, Please

2 months ago

We need new kitchen island lighting. Style is generally a mix of warm industrial / happy modern. Several materials + colors in the space, including black, stainless steel, walnut, and white.

Issues with the current lighting are:

  • Hangs down too low and/or wide near the counter. We have tall people and one of the glass shades has already been broken due to bumping.
  • Dislike the exposed lightbulb look

Current lighting product page for more details + measurements:

We do use/need this as task lighting when working at the counter, not just ambient/decorative. I don't personally have a preference for pendant over chandelier-style, but due to the incidents that we've already had I am wondering:

  1. If we should go more chandelier-style that is also a bit higher, the bulk of which would be centered on the counter and less likely to get bumped.
  2. I'd also lean toward much less exposed breakable material.


  • Island counter ~45"x84"
  • Bottom of current shade terminates ~28" down from the ceiling, which is too low and we bump it.
  • Distance between the 2 points in the ceiling where the electrical + cut outs are is ~38"

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