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Our best first year blooming seedlings

I like Debra's post about her best new seedlings so I decided to post ours. I am suffering from daylily withdrawal. I miss seeing all of your pretty ones. Keep those reblooms coming.

We don't keep stats on first year bloomers, but here are a few I found intriguing.

We have been working on dark daylilies with near black eyes. I didn't feel we had made much progress until this year. Here are a couple really dark ones.

This is not the best photo but I loved the color on this one. It is Blackbird's Song X Eggplant Luminosity.

This is Snidely Whiplash X Eggplant Luminosity. I guess Eggplant Luminosity was a good purchase.

This one missed the mark as far as petal color is concerned, but I still like it a lot. It is Ebony Pools X Eggplant Luminosity.

We are still in search of the best red eye on the whitest base color. This one is not quite there but I like the eye and complete picotee edge. It is Cherry Pie a la Mode X Rosie with a Ring. Rosie with a Ring was another excellent purchase.

I love the sharp contrast of the base color with the eye and edge. This Shipwreck Cove X Empire of Dawn and Dusk.

All of the rest are diploids. We are working on small dips (not minis) on decently tall scapes. This is Brer Rabbit's Baby X Out of Balance.

This is Twiggy X Out of Balance. Out of Balance was another excellent purchase as we are getting many interesting seedlings from it.

This is Little Strawberry Shortcake X Out of Balance.

This one is O Positive X Ahoya.

We didn't set out to work on dark scapes, but we are seeing several seedlings with that trait. This is Itsy Bitsy Spider X Indelible Blood. I am surprised we got a flower this dark with a yellow crossed with red.

That's some of the best first years. This doesn't include Bob's first year fulvas. I will post them later.


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