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What new plants from seed did best for you?

2 months ago

I tried a few that were new to me this year. I was most impressed with Chantilly Mix snapdragons. I dropped the packet and thought I lost all the seeds but they apparently landed on the flat I was sowing and they came up among other plants. Anyway these snapdragons are still blooming and have held up in heat unlike the regular snaps I have bought as bedding plants. I'm in zone 7a, NC, and have not had luck with snaps before this as they don't hold up in heat. The azalea flowered ones are prettier to me as well.

Other good ones : Blue Horizon tall ageratum. This one's still blooming. I don't think I love it a lot but it was nice. Fama Blue scabiosa was disappointing so far. It's a perennial but already a couple of pots of it look dead. I think it gets too hot here. The bloom was underwhelming but that could be because the plant was young and not strong. Love Lies Bleeding was a quick grower, interesting and colorful but aged to a kind of warty looking thing and flopped over. Aztec zinnias were cute small blooms. Did well most of the summer. Look tired now. Butterfly Weed has bloomed nonstop once it got going. I like the tiny yellow and orange blooms and it's a tough plant, much taller than I expected. Alyssum, Carpet of Snow, has done well most of the summer in heat. Gaillardia Mesa Peach has been blooming nonstop and finally toughened up in terms of drought tolerance. For awhile it wilted easily. I like the color. Hollyhock Creme de Cassis was pretty good but I didn't love it as much as I thought I would.

Creme de Cassis

Love Lies Bleeding

Blue Horizon

little Aztec zinnia

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