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Need tile help - outside front of shower curb

10 months ago

Hi, I am in the midst of a bathroom renovation. It is a tiny main bath in a MCM home and I am trying to stay as close to that aesthetic as I can without being literal. I am using stacked subway tile in the shower (3’ x 3’) with a 1 inch pink hex on the shower floor and in niche. The bathroom floor (4’ x 6’) will have an 8 inch terrazzo hex. I had assumed I would run the floor tile up the side of the curb (the curb itself is white quartz), but now I am not so sure. I am not seeing a whole lot of photos like that and I wonder if it will detract from the bright white “fun” glossiness of the shower. Should I continue the vertical subway stack under the curb instead? Or use another piece of solid quartz perhaps (against the gray cast of the floor tile I am not sure how that would work). The bathroom walls are pink as well if that helps. Thank you!

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