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When Should I Prune THIS Year?

2 months ago

I live in Zone 6b. We had a lovely "false spring" in February, followed by a short polar vortex of sub-zero temps.
My hydrangeas (the kind that bloom on old wood - they came with the house, but we've been enjoying them since 2009) are JUST NOW blooming!! This is the time of year that I would usually be pruning or shaping, as necessary (they get very large).
There was also a lot of dead wood this spring (presumably due to the polar vortex).
When do you recommend I prune this year -- assuming winter and spring behave as they should -- to get flowers next year?
Normally, they start blooming in early June. The attached pic (next post) is from mid-June 2021, should that assist you
in id'ing the type.
In the past, when I prune in spring, I don't get blooms, so I understand that timing is crucial.

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