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Help me narrow down rose selections

10 months ago

Hi rosarians!

I have a small garden and only have room to add another eight or so more rose varieties next spring. I've picked out some favs, but am hoping someone with more experience can help me narrow down my list. It's hard to choose!

I currently have about 15 varieties, a mix of modern and OGRs. I'm growing in clay, zone 6b. I want to continue adding some OGRs, but am also drawn to David Austins. Most important qualities for me are scent and disease resistance. I'm not deterred by lack of repeat bloom. Thanks in advance for your opinions!

Definitely adding:

- Ebb Tide

- Munstead Wood

- Connie Lohn (if I can find her)

Can't decide, but only have room for another five or so:

- Daybreak

- Boscobel or Benjamin Britton or Lady Emma Hamilton?

- Jacques Cartier

- Rose de Rescht or La Reine?

- Apothecary rose

- Leda

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