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Wolf Professional induction range -- anyone have feedback?

mxk3 z5b_MI
3 months ago

Ugh. I am still on the fence about induction vs gas. It has absolutely nothing to do with indoor air quality. It has to do primarily with me getting concerned about the house burning down because both DH and I have been forgetting to turn off burners more often lately (yes, we're getting older, and he's getting more careless in general). Plus, I do like the benefit of easy clean-up of induction.

Had a demo on a Bluestar -- if I do get gas, it's going to be a BS. The same day we had a demo on the BS, we also had a demo on induction, and DH said "absolutely not" (those were his exact words), but this was immediately after playing around with that powerful beast of a BS. I don't think he gave it fair chance, just coming from the BS display. I don't remember the brand we demo'd, but I'm positive it was not a Wolf. I was not impressed with whatever brand it was, either.

Now I'm thinking maybe we should go get a demo on a Wolf, if it's a top of the line brand then maybe that will make a difference. I did locate a Wolf-Subzero showroom within driving distance, and DH did say he'd go with me and give the Wolf a chance after he listened to my "Cadillac vs Chevy" sphiel and I got a little more information out of him on why he didn't like the induction. His primary concerns are going from high heat to simmer quickly and ability to use large pans. His parents have a small two-burner something or other induction, and he didn't like that he couldn't use large pans, so that's his reference point.

So I'm looking for feedback on the 30" Wolf Professional induction range (not the Transitional -- I can't stomach $12K for a stove) -- the good, the bad, the ugly.

(Also, am I overly concerned about burning the house down by leaving the gas burners on? Maybe I am - ?)

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