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patio - stamped concrete, vs plain concrete vs pavers

9 months ago

Hi all,

I know there are other threads, but slightly different take her....

My small SF Bay Area backyard has a giant concrete patio outside the back slider. The concrete is old and cracked and tinted green which I think was fashionable once upon a time. We're ripping it out to improve drainage.

It's about 1000 square feet and that sounds like obnoxiously big, but i actually like the hardscape....we have droughts so no water, but even after it's rained we can use it pretty quickly and the dog's paws don't get messy.

It seems like all the discussions are about pavers vs stamped concrete. I actually like the smooth concrete because we eat out there alot and chairs slide nicely. Is it totally a no-no design-wise to do just smooth concrete, maybe tinted a nice tan or something? Tips for making smooth concrete, or minimally textured concrete look special? Pavers are so expensive and I don't personally like the look enough to make it worth it. I know we'll get a crack here and there but can deal.


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