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Indoor plants: Understand house space

Arjun Sujo
3 months ago

Any house can be broadly categorized in to three zones:

  1. Direct sunlight and lot of air flow: doors leading to outside patio or yard.
    Advise: Just water when soil is dry or leaves droopy. Don’t let hot sun burn the leaves.

  2. Indirect sunlight and little air flow: center hall, open kitchen, bay windows.
    Advise: Water every week or fortnight. Not more.

  3. No sunlight and no air: bedroom, closets.
    Advise: Get a plastic plant.

Air flow is very important. Open windows and doors at least 1 hour every week.
Stale, damp areas of the house: closets, bathrooms, basement and kitchen corners- produces toxic mold, deadly methane. Clear the clutter, wipe, air dry those areas. See if you can ventilate such places.


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