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Autumn Moon : Dormant Stress Dead

3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

I've been mail ordering my JM's for alot of reasons

Availiblity being the biggest

Oftentime the mail order options is 2G-3G. 7G is depending if the retailer is willing to ship it (it get's a bit risky with a 7g) pot and overall branching....

Finding larger sizes at the local yards can be nil-none and a decent nursery that may have it is 4 hrs away. Add in tolls, gas and the not fun part of a enclosed trailer driving adventure. So unless I really want that speciemen size plant, I'm mail ordering it

Just trying to grasp what happened but on my Autum moon, it arrived semi dormant from shipping/transit. I received it with small signs of bud break and within 2 weeksn after planting it leafed out minituarely and then fizzled off to death.

All other maples from mail order have been received with leaves - which is great, cause I can't blame anyone besides myself if the plant fizzles out.

So whaddya say folks. Did Autum Moon fizzle out due to it being semi dormant:dormant : transit and all that entailment. It was just the beginning of spring but I can't say during transit, what temps it was subjected to. I did monitor the tracking and if I recall......and this is vaugely, based on tracking updates, it was on the subject to maybe 70+ degree temps for a day or two.