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Need Magnolia Expert...

3 months ago

Back in January I had 3 Little Gems planted behind my pool here in N. TX. They were doing great until some workers that were doing some hard scape work for me turned my sprinklers off without my knowledge. It went about a month before I noticed the trees had dropped a ton of leaves & figured out the sprinklers had been off for some time. It was well into the upper 90"s by then. I really thought that I was going to lose the trees.

They are now putting on new growth & even flowering again. All of the growth is on the tips of the branches & they are very sparse behind the tips. Would it be a good idea to trim the tips of those limbs to encourage fuller branches? If so when should I do it? It is still hitting 100 degrees here but in about a week we could be back into the mid 90's. Our typical first freeze is around Thanksgiving.

I appreciate the help.

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