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Q: What is making large irregular holes in young zinnia leaves? NE zn5

3 months ago

Perhaps someone here might have a good hunch about what is making large, irregular holes in young zinnea leaves.

The 6 to 7 inch tall seedlings are in a larger pot with some more matire by scraggly zinnia (due to weather, I was late in getting there out of the nursery six packs.

All the zinnias are in a large pot resting on a wooden table. During the day, I do not see any insects or caterpillars. I intended to go check at night, but am too sleepy and there are monsters.

What’s the liklihood of slugs 5 feet off the ground on a wooden table?

It is already the 3rd of September and I’m hoping to get a few blooms. I’m short on diagnostic and remedy time, so any sure-fire rapid way to remedy the unknown leaf chomper is miost welcome.

I have on hand (if I can find it): Beer, some slug eliminator (forgot name); some neem oil; some diatomacious earth (hiding in a large sack someplace); cayenne powder amd maybe an assault rifle or a cannon. I might have some old Sevin powder but don’t want to harm any pollinators.

Thanks for any suggestions. No funds to fly the zinnias to the Mayo Clinic.

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