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September 2023, please cool off and rain.

Garden chat. How are you all?
I would also point out that a wheelchair or wide walker won't fit through that bathroom door either, Jennifer. It's very frustrating when you find yourself needing that kind of help and can't access all of your house because the flipping doors are too narrow. Went to the Pink House in Claremore Wednesday for lunch with friends. The wheelchair ramp went to a door so narrow my chair barely fit through. I know it's an historical mansion, but don't pretend that because you made a ramp It's wheelchair accessible. As the population ages, accessibility will become increasingly important. My first rant for the day.
2nd rant is that I am so frustrated trying to post in Houzz. I read it every day, but don't even try. This is being written in another app and will be pasted into houzz.
3rd rant: My brother, who lives in Norman has been very ill. After 2 hospital stays he is currently in a rehab facility. He has to move out of his house before 9/11. Eventually he will live with us.
Trying to facilitate this is turning me into a basket case. I can't make the trip. I really don't want my husband going alone. It's flipping labor day weekend so everyone is gone. I have the name of a moving company but someone needs to pack his things for him. I'm not dealing with my family, I can't demand his step kids do this. So I have anxiety attacks dealing with it.
Sorry for the ranting. My tomatoes look horrible. I have a great crop of lambs quarters in the other beds. I'm pretending we're growing 4' tall weeds on purpose.

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