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September 2023, please cool off and rain.

10 months ago

Garden chat. How are you all?
I would also point out that a wheelchair or wide walker won't fit through that bathroom door either, Jennifer. It's very frustrating when you find yourself needing that kind of help and can't access all of your house because the flipping doors are too narrow. Went to the Pink House in Claremore Wednesday for lunch with friends. The wheelchair ramp went to a door so narrow my chair barely fit through. I know it's an historical mansion, but don't pretend that because you made a ramp It's wheelchair accessible. As the population ages, accessibility will become increasingly important. My first rant for the day.
2nd rant is that I am so frustrated trying to post in Houzz. I read it every day, but don't even try. This is being written in another app and will be pasted into houzz.
3rd rant: My brother, who lives in Norman has been very ill. After 2 hospital stays he is currently in a rehab facility. He has to move out of his house before 9/11. Eventually he will live with us.
Trying to facilitate this is turning me into a basket case. I can't make the trip. I really don't want my husband going alone. It's flipping labor day weekend so everyone is gone. I have the name of a moving company but someone needs to pack his things for him. I'm not dealing with my family, I can't demand his step kids do this. So I have anxiety attacks dealing with it.
Sorry for the ranting. My tomatoes look horrible. I have a great crop of lambs quarters in the other beds. I'm pretending we're growing 4' tall weeds on purpose.

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  • 10 months ago

    Oh my goodness, Amy. That's a great point. More than likely we'll all need a walker or wheelchair at some point in our lives.

    And, I'm so sorry about the panic attacks regarding your brother's move.

    Yes, we need rain so badly. I just looked and it's been 50 days since we've had meaningful rain at my house.

    Thank you for starting the weekly thread. :)

  • 10 months ago

    Amy, I am sorry for the stress you are having. I also have a family that can act in ways to permit me to create a lot of stress on my self. Some of my family make it very easy for me to avoid them.

    My daughter works for a company that had a service that sounds like it would be handy for you. The company would spot a trailer at a location to be loaded by the family or a hired crew, then when ready the company would then pull the trailer to the new location and drop it for family of a hired crew to unload.

    I agree that doors and handicap ramps can be a problem. I live in an old style mobile home. I bought the home used, so I had a lit that needed to be revised. I knew that some day there would be a good chance I would be in a wheelchair, so I started early making things as I thought I would need them. Because of this being an old mobile home, the outside walls are shorter, so one door had to be special made, but there are companies that do that a a cost not much more than the normal door would cost. All my inside doors, I just bought normal house doors of the sizes that I need. We had to modify the bath rooms to be handicap friendly also, but that turned into a blessing. At the time I was modifying our home I had no idea that my handicapped mother would be living with us someday. I was so happy that I had a home ready for mom to move into.

    I have been modifying irrigation tubes, and plan on getting more water tanks. I also plan on making a garden down hill from my artesian well. I will try to get all of this laid out this fall so the watering can all be done by gravity. I have a lack of faith in our power, and food supply.

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    So.... it's not too hard/stressful for the plants to get pelted with rain and totally soaked in their first day out? I don't care about getting wet when I'm out there planting, it's not like it will be continuous rain and I shouldn't need to step into the soil in the garden to do my planting (I have stepping stones/boards throughout the garden beds). I was just under the impression that the plants wouldn't transition well if they got inundated right at transplant time. Thanks for the quick feedback... I'll plan to get those cool crops in this afternoon and the tomatoes this weekend as planned!
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    We have also had the rains this summer - but it has been very cool also. The crops were looking great, but behind due to the cool temps. This could reduce the yields quite a bit. Then we got hit with some major hail last weekend. Ouch! We didn't have any buildings damaged - but major crop damage. Guess things were looking too good. Luckey we didn't have the building damaged that some did though. Lots of broken windows and siding damage in some areas close to us.
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    Here in the Puget Sound area of the PNW, the land of the "cool, mild summers", we have broken records for the number of days this summer it hit 80F or above and the number of days it hit 90F or above. We did have a low pressure front move in late last week that dropped temps down into the low 70's and even the 60's for a day or two and produced some rain (and very high winds) but not much. But we are cranking back up into the 80's again this week with no relief in sight. And while we have managed to accumulate nearly normal YTD precipitation totals, this area is still considered to be in severe to extreme drought. This is due to an extremely dry winter with no significant mountain snow pack and a very dry period extending from April through midAugust where we received less than half of normal rainfall for that period (including one of the driest July's on record with NO measurable precip!). Then we received two major rainfall events on 8/14 and 8/29 that pushed August into the 3rd wettest on record. But 2 days of rain - even heavy (for us) rain - out of 62 does not exactly break a drought! This the first time I can remember actually looking forward to a fail chill and the start of the rainy season :-)
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    Lisa--so amazed you did it, and so proud of you for doing it! And am so thrilled it was good for you. I've had two other friends who did it, as well. Very rewarding for both, just to know. One of the friends and her family bonded and see each other. Wasn't as good an experience for the other, but she was grateful that she knew about it all, finally. The deer incident affected me more than I thought it would. First, the reality of it and how to handle it. How sad it was to see this creature in such distress. And how problematic it seemed to wonder about the appropriate way to deal with it. It's like we live in the country, with all the critters around us; and yet we live in the country with neighbors very near to us, save for the forest directly across the front of our immediate property and behind our immediate property. GDW felt strange, walking across the street and shooting the poor thing in view of whoever might be driving by or outside. I felt a little freaked when I went out to help him load her into the truck, and two vehicles drove by about that time. I don't think they saw the deer, who was in a bit of a ditch right next to the road, but I felt kind of like a criminal. Had push come to shove, we'd have felt fine about our actions had we been asked to explain. I suggested we call the game wardens, but GDW said the chances of them being able to come right out were slim; so that's when we loaded her into the truck to go to the burn pile. As it stands now, she is still in back of the truck; we will unload her tomorrow nearby, with the nice game warden's blessing. He said I might be surprised to know how many calls they get like ours. And he told me to thank my husband for him, in choosing to put her out of her suffering. And here was poor Garry, with one eye swollen shut! He waves it off, and any of the rest of us might, too. But he is definity hampered temporarily. Now if he was going to be like that from now on, he'd get used to it. We've been laughing about it today; I found myself thinking, "Let's see; if I lose an eye, which one would I prefer to lose. Definitely my left one." hahaha I've been loving binge-watching Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown series, connecting with people all around the world through food. I had only caught 2-3 of the shows when I had TV. Liked them, but not the way I do now. Eileen, it's your fault. How little I knew about Singapore! And now I know a LOT about that supercity/super country. (AND my new favorite, Asian foods and learning to fix them!) And it sort of lit me on fire with how little I know of other cultures. I won't be doing any traveling (not any more than necessary now), but I will travel through books and excellent documentaries. I am absolutely blown away by these journeys of Bourdain's, and the care and attention that team took, to present important and worthy shows that illustrate societies around the world and our commonality. And the sadness many of the countries have gone through, might even be going through now, and the buoyancy and resiliency of the people. And how he manages to bond/communicate with them in these episodes, and also to introduce the rest of us to these people all around the world, a bit of their history, and the common love of food. Great show, glad I finally am watching it all. And so with this great Asian way of cooking, it has ignited and changed to some extent, the way I want to grow veggies. I see a lot more greens in the future. Sigh. I hate salad. BUT when I watch or read about Asian cooking, greens look good and fun! LOL Thanks, Eileen. It's a little late to be planting some of what I want to, but have gone out on a limb with a few. But will be putting in a few more greens tomorrow. I got my garlic order in to SESE before they ran out; I got my coral honeysuckle order into Almost Eden (I had it in the cart and just remembered yesterday that I hadn't punched "Order.") So did that. And you guys know how it goes. Couldn't order JUST one thing, so also ordered some rainbow-kinda colored echinacea--a couple of them. That was because my present grown-from-seed ones have done so splendidly. I was so so ticked off today pulling Bermuda out of the front shop bed and the back Bermuda bed. I hate Bermuda. I'd rather have mud or dirt in our "lawn," or crabgrass, than Bermuda. YES, it's fairly easy to get out with my Hori Hori, but it's every brutal inch or two, and in the front bed today, some of it was 10 inches down. Thing is with those two beds, I didn't properly prep them in the first place and work to get it all out. Hmm. On the other hand, the soil is so much better now and deep enough, and loose enough, that it's easier to get out. So. I guess it's okay. My concern is the established plants. I may end up having to take them all out, just to get all the Bermuda. I hate Bermuda. Will sign off. Life is fragile, we must remember to appreciate every single day, even Bermuda grass days. Maybe especially Bermuda grass days. We're dealing with it, we're fixing it, inch by slow inch! And so far, I'm digging it up faster than it can grow . Diligence will produce victory.
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  • 10 months ago

    That is a great idea Larry. Iam becoming more mobile thanks to my job. I hope to get out and plant and cover a few things.

  • 10 months ago

    Amy, I’m sorry for all the stress you have, and I totally understand the frustration of Houzz. Family can be our biggest blessing and also the source of our biggest frustration. Just remember you have to take care of yourself before you can care for others. Been there and much easier said than done. Jennifer, Amy is right - while you are remodeling widen the door. when we built our house we made doors and bathrooms handicap accessible because my sister-in-law was in a wheelchair and we planned for his mother to move in with us. 5 months before we finished I got stepped on working cattle and ended up in a wheelchair over a year. I needed the handicap shower and hand rails - still do. My mother-in-law never moved in with us because she wanted to go to a senior apartment facility. We never expect to be disabled for even a short time but it will happen at some point. Better to be prepared.

    My new green beans are coming up, the new tomatoes are blooming, the new zuchinni have tiny zuchinni on them and the cucumbers are blooming. I’m waiting for cooler weather to plant lettuce and greens.

    My cousin bought me a gallon of liquid fence because I have problems with rabbits, deer, and squirrels. I know its only for ornamentals, but has anyone used it in a garden, maybe around the edge and not on edibles?

  • 10 months ago

    Farmgardener, I will be waiting on you to report about the liquid fence. I need something now to keep the deer out of my sweet potatoes. This has been a pretty good year for the wildlife, but the extended hot days and dry weather has pushed the wildlife into areas where the vegetation is greener and more tasty. I have had the second cutting of hay harvested, so my garden must look like an oasis to the insects and wildlife.

  • 10 months ago

    Well, I guess we got our rain, I heard a strange noise and noticed 4 rain drops on the trash can lid. I am glad I sitting down resting at the time or I would have missed it.

  • 10 months ago

    Maybe next week? A cool down and some rain?

    I was sick yesterday--stomach pain and fever, but thankfully much better today. Just a bit of congestion so far. I did stay in most of the afternoon and read a book.

    Watered a few things when it got mostly dark out.

    So...other than watering, didn't get any gardening done.

    It was nice this morning so did a bit more watering.

    Felt good enough to go shopping with Tom.

    Wow. Oklahoma's best/finest were out in full force at TSC. LOL And, I'm sure I fit right in with them.

    Had to get feed there.

    And we are on Round 3 of the shower remodel, so had to go get the shower floor and stuff. Maybe this will be the one. Third time is a charm is what they say.

    Our house is small and it's a rectangle. We can't really make the door into the "primary" bath any larger. The hall bath is next to the primary doesn't look like it because you enter the primary bath through our bedroom and enter the hall bath from the hall. BUT, they're next to each other. To enlarge the door to the primary bath would require cutting into the vanity of the hall bath.

    Luckily the door to the hall bath is large and should accommodate a wheelchair if ever needed.

    The shower is torn out and it's weird to see the plumbing for both the other bathroom AND some of the stuff from the kitchen in that torn out wall. It all looks good, though. We had the kitchen remodeled 7 years ago and Tom did the other bath, including plumbing, 2 years ago.

    We would like to enlarge our bedroom and put a giant closet on the other side of the bathroom. But, that would be expensive....and with the turnpike still hanging over our heads, we just might not do that.

    I'm watching the weather right now. I don't know why they keep showing my area as having a quarter inch of rain 3 weeks ago. That is just not true. Looks like the north metro could get some rain tomorrow night/wednesday morning.

    I"m bungee-ing the coop door again. There used to be a screen door on the coop. When it was a shed and someone might have used it as an office/club house/etc. The latch thing from the screendoor is still on the door frame, so I loop a small bungee cord around the door knob and put the hooks of both ends into that little latch. It works well...until the latch falls off, which I'm sure it will at some point.

    I feel like I've wasted this weekend by sitting around too much. I really haven't, other than yesterday afternoon, but it feels like it because we didn't get accomplished what we had planned. I really thought we would be using our new shower by tonight.

    The carrots are really popping up now. I decided to put a shade cloth over them even though that area gets lots of shade. Maybe by next Sunday, I'll be able to remove it.

    I watched a recent video (R & R) where she was at her friend's garden in northern Cali. Reeding, CA--very pretty. I looked up pics of it.

    Anyway, it's interesting how different things grow in different regions. Even though they are very hot there, okra doesn't grow well. Why? Jessica mentioned that maybe okra likes the humid weather of the south? But, their tomato plants don't have the blight that usually destroys ours by August if not before. Maybe because it's NOT humid there?

    So interesting.

  • 10 months ago

    Jennifer y’all sure do stay busy. I want to redo my bathroom. I have cast iron tub and it’s quite high to step in and out. I need a walk in shower. I can’t bathe in the tub anyway because our water comes out gray. I have an AFS sister coming from Sweden this weekend and I am so excited. I have not seen her in 28 years. I am cohosting meal at my brothers. He is doing meat and beans and I am doing sides and desserts. It should be lots of fun.

  • 10 months ago

    We do stay busy. There's just so much that needs to be done and we tend to be DIYers just because it's expensive to hire stuff done. I would rather hire out home remodels and repairs and spend my time being busy with other stuff.

    Kim, do you know why your water is gray?

    It's so cool that you get to see your friend from Sweden after such a long time!

    Nothing new to report. It's just hot here. Really uncomfortable. Supposedly a cool front is on the way for tomorrow. I worked today...and will work tomorrow until 8:30 pm or so. After Pilates, I'll need to rush home and water everything before it gets dark. I'm trying to get the desire to go outside and water and feed everyone--it's just so yucky and I feel bad because the animals are uncomfortable. And it bothers me to see the wilty plants. Most of our animals are indoors, btw. Only the shop cat and the chickens are out. Even Juno is brought in when it gets so hot.

    Then, I need to fix dinner before pilates. Just a simple shrimp stir-fry and cauliflower rice.

    Okay...I gotta do it. Gotta go out now.

  • 10 months ago

    It is so yuk outside. I can hardly breathe out there. Soon it will cool off. Jennifer our water it’s gray because the well hasn’t been cleaned in years. I suggested it several times but the owner is not interested at all. There are many benefits living here but some definite downsides too. I appreciate everything they have done for me.

  • 10 months ago

    I like to be a DIYer also, but a lot of things I cant do anymore. This morning when I came in to cool off, Madge told me that the washing machine was messing up, I just told her to call a repairman. Even if I knew how to repair the washing machine, I can't see well enough, nor am I strong enough.

    I have had to spend money on my tiller. I have spent over half of what I paid for it 20 years ago, and still cant use it. It seems as though everything I own is in need of repair.

    It is so hot and dry here, and it looks like we will never get any rain. I have been hauling water to try to keep some of the plants alive. I also planted 3 different kinds of mustard, collards, radishes, beets, lettuce, I even planted more walking onion bulbs. I need my head examined, I have a ton of water sitting on the truck now, and it is just too hot to go dump it on the garden. I have more seeds on my RTV to plant in a few days if I can find the time.

    This dry weather is bring the critters down from the hills to feed and water because It is much drier at higher elevations.

    Kim, it is nice that you are going to see your friend, we have company now, and will have for the rest of the week, it is time consuming to be host and try to care for a garden and a bunch of worn out junk, but being host comes first, but I still try to squeeze in a little work when I can.

  • 10 months ago

    I just came in from watering some of my plants. I wet the soil where I have planted seed (some I planted in the shade of an oak tree). I notice that the 5th group tomatoes of planted (the ones that were made from suckers from the 4 th planting) have fruit on them. The largest tomato was near 2" in dia. The plants seemed to start doing better after I started using well water on them, maybe it is because I can just drive the truck near the garden and just let the 5/8 hose run at the base of the plants. The hose is just gravity fed, so the stream of water is very slow and has time to soak in well, plus the water has a high mineral count.

    While out watering this morning I found another pile of Egyptian Walking onion bulbs, of course I will have to find a spot to plant them ( if they are still good). It is too easy to just throw away the stuff you don't need, and I always do everything the hard way.

    Kim you may be lucky your well water is gray, mine stains everything to look rusty. The water looks nice, but after it sits a while it had an oily looking skim on top of it, and the water containers start to look copper coated. I grew up drinking that water, so I expect it is still good enough to water plants with.

  • 10 months ago

    Something mysterious happened last night. This wet stuff fell from the sky. I've heard myths and legends talk about something called "rain"...could this possibly be it???

    When we had to redo the garage bathroom, we enlarged the shower. Partly because the one that was in there was one of those tiny corner showers, but it had the dual benefit of being large enough to be accessible later on. Our hall bath is still pretty tiny, so at least the garage one will be usable later on.

    Amy, sorry about all the stress with your brother. There are people who will go in and pack up for you. I know there are companies, but sometimes hiring a person can be a bit cheaper. The tradeoff is a company may be more reliable and trustworthy.

    I got out for a while over the weekend and began the garden remodel. HJ gave me a bunch of cinderblocks, so I used some to make a bed next to the shed. I need to top it off with some compost, then I'll plant garlic in it later this month or next month. Now I'm working on a plan for changing up the big bed. The current configuration isn't working for me. And I need to weed the driveway bed. I'm considering moving everything to that bed, filling it up so it looks a little more like a garden and less like a weedy mess. I just don't like that idea since we use the driveway for meet and greets, and some owners let their dogs loose to run through it.

  • 10 months ago

    Jen, hopefully we'll get some cooler weather next week and can all start cleaning up, weeding, changing up configurations, and whatnot.

    I wonder if you could put some type of fencing or barrier around that bed to keep the pups out. OR at least their owners would see that you've got it planted and hopefully would try to keep their babies out of it. Maybe eventually you could get some perennials going in it. How big is it? Could you do dwarf trees and shrubs and berry bushes? Stuff like that?

    I still have two beautyberries--one from Kim and one that I bought, and a fig from Moni that needs to be placed somewhere. I feel like the beautyberry needs a partially shady area.

    Back to work.

  • 10 months ago

    I killed my beauty berry :(

  • 10 months ago

    Kim, do you want the one you gave me a couple of years ago. Originally, when it was still just a stick, you thought it was a fig. But, it's truly a beauty berry. It has beautiful berries on it now. I can keep it in the large pot it's in and save it for you.

  • 10 months ago

    Thanks for your concern every one. A friend of mine here had a house in Moore damaged in a storm. She gave me the name of a mover who will be there tomorrow. If she recommends them, they're good and reasonably priced. The cost was not the problem. It's been like pulling teeth to coordinate this. My brother comes here tomorrow as well.

    We got .04" of rain out of a noisy, windy storm.

    I think 50 years from now someone will walk through Larry's land and wonder where all the onions came from, lol.

  • 10 months ago

    HJ, it's about 30ft diameter, 89ft circumference, so I'm really not limited on what I can plant there. I don't particularly want a large tree, but I am leaning toward a redbud or something. I have n elderberry that I got at spring fling a few years back, and I have that fig that Moni gave me this year, so I could put one or even both out there. The only real issue is irrigation. There isn't a spigot nearby; the closest one is about 20 feet inside the dog area, which means I'd have to disconnect it every time and I know I wouldn't be diligent in that. So this year it didn't get much irrigation other than rain; it wasn't a problem earlier this year when we were getting so much, but this past month has definitely been a struggle. Ultimately I want to fill it with drought tolerant stuff that don't need any coddling, but that's a slow process. I think next year I'll plant a bunch of zinnia around the edges, may be they'll get the clue that "hey, maybe I shouldn't walk through that".

  • 10 months ago

    Thank you Jennifer but no. I can’t handle much right now. The grasshoppers have really wreaked havoc this year.

  • 10 months ago

    Do I dare believe?

  • 10 months ago

    Jen, irrigation can be a pain. I have over 1000' of water hose, and bought (2) 330 gallon totes today. I would like to install a water catch system, but I doubt that will happen, at least not this year.

    Amy, I found more Walking onion bulbs today, of course you know I will have to plant them. I wish all food was as easy to grow as walking, and bunching onions. I had given 2 neighbors starts of the walking, and bunching onions several years ago, the neighbors have died, and their houses have set empty for years, but the onions are still there.

    Jennifer, some of my stuff is starting to come up. I can see radishes and tender greens. This is the 3rd day for them. The lettuce should be the next I see, the seeds were old, but I expect to get a stand of them. I bought more seeds today, Red Detroit beets, I already have Early Wonder beets planted. I had hoped to plant more stuff today, but I am not able to walk as much as I would like, I hope to do a little more planting tomorrow.

  • 10 months ago

    I loaded up a few camping boxes today. It had to have been 100 deg out there. That's about enough of that. Either way, we're going to do some camping this weekend and take a break.

    Sweet potatoes are about to come out of the garden, but they're not quite ready yet. The peas are still coming. Outside of that and some peppers, that's about all thats going on. Still too hot for much else.

    Carrots wouldn't even germinate in this stuff. Maybe we can re-sow and have December carrots, lol. This weather sure cuts the fall window short.

  • 10 months ago

    Today was another brutal day. But, our forecast looks good too, Kim. Just gotta get through the next couple of days.

    Our backdoor continues to have issues and the coop door is getting stuck in a new way.

    The well water gets a certain smell when we're in drought. I don't like it.

    But, the fall things are doing okay. They're watered a often and have shade cloth. The sugar snow peas have popped up in the KG.

    Kim, maybe when you're ready you can take a cutting from the beauty berry. I really, really need to find a place for these trees. I'm thinking about putting the beauty berries at the back. There is a large mulberry tree there. It doesn't bear fruit so I guess it's a male. Anyway....the beauty berries would get some shade at certain times of the day, at certain times of the year. I put the wild violets back there and they continue to live. I wish we had some wooded areas on our property....but that would prollly draw in the deer.

    Jen, y'all got some good rain, right? I saw Tena post somewhere that they got an inch and 3/4. That's wonderful! I'm a little jealous.

    Drought tolerant is the way to go. But, even my native plants are struggling in this heat without rain. I did see some monarch butterflies back there today though!

    The chaste vitex is not struggling. Not yet. I haven't watered it at all. I realize a lot of people are against them because they aren't native, but I love my vitex. It's full of all types of bees and butterflies. I've even had hornworms on them a couple of times, so it does feed critters.

    Larry, I haven't planted radishes yet.


    Just wanted to stop by and say, hi.

  • 10 months ago

    Jennifer the chickens love the berries from beauty. I had to pick them for them. They never did figure out how to jump up and get them

  • 10 months ago

    Tricks to germinating carrots in heat:

    Thr soil tens to crust over in hot conditions. Dawn used to moisten the soil and put a board on top. You must keep soil damp and check daily for sprouts. I use burlap. I keep the burlap damp. After sprouts appear I raise the burlap for shade for a few days.

  • 10 months ago
    last modified: 10 months ago

    That's about the way I've been germinating carrots and other things like greens , turnips by covering with mulch. My seedlings have been turning out leggy if I don't uncover them in time.


  • 10 months ago

    I wanted to try the covering trick again. The only other time I tried covering was in cold weather, and it took longer than I expected, but I expect the temp had something to do with it. I really don't have enough boards to cover what I want to, I think that I have enough for 24+ feet, which may work out well by giving me a longer harvest. I do fairly well by just wetting the soil two times a day.

    We got a little rain, and a lot of wind last night, I haven't noticed any damage, just things scattered. It seems strange sitting in the house and waiting for the wind and rain to die down to go out and try to plant more seeds.

  • 10 months ago
    last modified: 10 months ago

    hwy20, I hope y'all have a good time camping this weekend. Enjoy the break!

    Carrots are so weird. I had some germinate this spring that were either sown last fall or even last spring. I do have them sprouting now, even tho it's been 100ish. But, they have shade cloth and I wet the soil before and after work. There's several that have popped up, but there's empty spots in the rows as well. I'll take what I can get. They are Danvers Half Long from Baker's Creek.

    My turnips are a bit spotty too. There's plenty that sprouted but there's large spots where they didn't. I'm going to (try) to replant some seed in those spots tonight. One entire row didn't germinate (?!) so I'll leave that row for radishes.

    The golden beets have sprouted well. I have two different varieties--one that Rick bought and one that I bought from Botanical Interests. They seem to be doing equally well.

    The brassicas are on hold for a couple more days, but I will work on clearing out the two beds that will house the broccoli and cabbage--hopefully tonight as well.

    Rick will be making a couple of rows of brassicas and greens in the SG. His stuff is coming up nicely. I'll come back with a pic that I took this morning.

    I decided to water early this morning so I can work on other stuff this evening--like cleaning out beds.

    This next week will be hard. I won't go into all the boring details but I'll be working extra hours. There are issues with my school job that I won't go into the details either. It's all causing unrest in my soul.

    Our shower continues to be a pain. Tom is having a plumber come out on Monday to give an estimate on the plumbing portion of the shower. It's coming down to this: we're going to have to break out some concrete. The frame that he made was beautiful. He did a great job on it, but the bottom of the shower pan doesn't allow enough space to do something that I don't understand. He was hoping the flexible drain he ordered from Amazon would have worked, but even though he has several inches between the pan and the concrete (because of the frame he built), the way it works---well, it just won't work. Luckily everyone has taken back all the stuff we purchased. If only the bathroom door would have allowed for a replacement tub.

    He could break out the concrete himself, but that's such a pain. He might still go that route if the plumber estimate is extremely high.

    I'm sitting here thinking....the frame he built, maybe I can use it as a raised bed. LOL That's how my mind works.

    But, yeah, we aren't feeling great right now--just unsettled. And changes are coming.

    Do y'all ever feel disappointed in yourself because you didn't do things that you really wanted to do? You didn't reach your goals? I'm feeling that so strongly this season. I haven't exercised much and that's something that makes me feel good. So many other things. I didn't work on my herb spiral. I really wanted it to be a year for that. Maybe next year. Afterall, we had a great year for preserving stuff, so there's more than enough beans, tomatoes, pickles, and jellies for two years. We also have canned soup and things in the freezer. And other things in the pantry as well. I really, really wanted to be further along in my herb book. I have made the overall writings of chamomile and calendula, but that's it. It's just a couple of pages of each herb. Mostly the history, constituents, and culinary/medicinal/magical uses. I haven't noted any of my personal experiences yet OR my recipes/uses. Honestly, tho, those things will come later as I use the herbs more. I've left several pages for each herb. I wanted to get to 5 herbs this year, but failed at that. I did get them grown. So, that's something.

    I would like the book to be something to leave to my kids and any grandchildren if I have them. I'm also trying to journal about the garden--not just when I plant things and harvest---but overall feelings about the garden each year. How the weather and life affects it. Stuff like that. Even if they decide to never garden, they would probably enjoy reading my journal. I know I enjoy reading my grandma and great grandma's letters and journals.

    I'll come back with a pic of that too.

    Today is my daughter's BD, but we're celebrating tomorrow. Tomorrow is my sister's BD, but we're celebrating today. Love my Virgos. Stella is a Virgo too. Anyway, I need to get dressed so I can meet them for lunch.

    Daughter got cleared to drive. Apparently, it was just a weird fluke seizure.

    Ethan got his rank. He got a good rank, so hopefully he'll get the email soon to go to their training "boot camp". He's SO ready to get to work.

    Looking forward to upcoming rain and cooler weathers as I know we all are. Except Kevin. But that's a story for another time.

    Monarchs in the native garden!

  • 10 months ago

    Jennifer, everything looks good. I wish I was able to keep records like you do, but if I did I would probably lose them within a week.

    I have been out planting carrots, Danver 126,I think was the name on the package. I don't have good luck with carrots, but I am trying to learn. I also planted Salad bowl lettuce. I don't have good luck with lettuce either, it seems as though Madge wont use it even if I do get it to grow, she like the Iceberg lettuce better, and I had rather have cabbage, even on a hamburger.

    I have been having pretty good luck getting my mustards to come up, but it seems as though the collards are eaten before they get 1/2" tall. I have plenty of insects to eat the young plants, but I dont understand why they don't eat the mustard also.

    I sprinkled some kind of greens seed down the onion row. It seems as though I cant kill the onions, and some of my greens I buy in bulk, and always spill them somewhere, so I did not want to waste the seeds, and did not want to make a bed for something that I did not know what to label.

    I still have beets and turnips to plant. I have Early Wonder beets coming up, but it seem as though something is eating them also. I have a ton of grasshoppers and crickets, I expect that would eat very small plants also. It seems as though I have trouble with insects every time I plant an early fall garden. I have had the hay baled, I have mowed the lawn, and let a lot of the garden die, so I expect the garden really looks nice for all the insects and critters now.

    My neighbor traded some vegetable for a bunch of Covington sweet potatoes that were already sprouting, he said he could not sell them, so I grabbed them and plan on using them to make slips. I have never started making slips this early, but I don't have a lot of faith in my sweet potato harvest because we had so much hot, dry weather, plus I had a lot of Johnson grass covering my sweet potato vines.

    Our company just left, and, are having a hard time adjusting to the quite.

  • 10 months ago

    Larry, I don't keep great records either. I always mean to. It's a goal.

    We got an inch of rain. I was surprised when I looked at the rain gauge this morning. Last time I looked (yesterday afternoon), it was less than a tenth.

    It was a nice, long gentle rain too.

    Tonight, I am hoping to get the shade cloths off the kitchen garden.

    I got most of the hoop house planted. Still need to add the round of lettuce, arugula, kale, and some spinach.

    I might have to get creative as I'm running out of room. Maybe I'll bring in the Smart Pots. They'll fit in the hoop house.

    There's blossoms on the fall tomatoes--the True Black Brandywine and Arkansas Traveler varieties. I don't normally remove the suckers, but did on these....just because it's cooler (now) and we're losing daylight and I need them to get to producing fruit.

    I have a stinkin cold. I thought it was just allergies, but pretty sure it's a cold. It's not enough to keep you bed, just enough to make you feel yucky.

    We have a plumber coming in a couple of hours. He's going to do the concrete work so Tom doesn't have to rent a jackhammer, and he'll do the drain portion. Tom will do the rest.

    I'm super happy to have the day off work. After today, it will be over a week before there's another day off.

    I have to shop for a large even tonight--the shopping is tonight, not the event. I guess I 'll see if I have any masks left so I don't get anyone sick as I'm shopping. Is that still a thing? One of the women in my Pilates class wears a mask, but her mother is elderly and she doesn't want to pass germs on to her.

    I was around a lot of people on Sunday, so hopefully don't get anyone sick. I know how to manage my snot/coughs/etc, so hopefully everyone will stay well.

    Not much else to talk about really. Hope everyone got some rain.

  • 10 months ago

    Every so often I see someone with a mask on, so there are still some people wearing them.

    I'm trying to dig up one or two buckets of weeds from the driveway bed every day. Now that it's cooler, i can get more done. And since the majority are growing in what was originally 6" of wood chips, they come up pretty easily. It's the weeds in the driveway that are a pain now; I may have to break my "no spray" rule to get it back under control.

    We've gotten almost 1.5" of rain this month, which is a welcome change from the last month of no moisture.

    I'm pretty sure I've run out of time for most fall crops, but I'm still going to try planting a few things and maybe rig up some sort of protection for them. It's only seeds, if they don't make it no big deal. Maybe this weekend? Business is still pretty slow, we only have 2 guests here right now so that gives me more time to get things done.

  • 10 months ago

    Jen, I'm going to reseed some carrots tonight. Some of the seedlings disappeared. There's still a few out there. They sprouted pretty well and then have slowly been disappearing. I'm not sure if they dried and burned up OR if something is eating them.

    Might as well try.

    Tom tried to spray the Bermuda grass in our gravel driveway with the popular vinegar mix, ,but it didn't work very well. He finally decided to spray it with something "bad". I have the bad stuff for the poison ivy too.

  • 10 months ago

    I have not done anything today other than go out and check the garden. We got an long, very light shower, just right to dampen the soil where I had planted the beet seed. I planted (7) 22' rows of beets. I planted them very thin compared to what I normally do, but I never get them right. I seem to always plant seeds too thick.

    I planted some salad bowl lettuce and danver 126 carrots and covered them with cardboard and hay, I have never done that either. My soil is bad to crust over, and I tried the cardboard and hay to see if I might get better germination, I will uncover in a few days and see if I have any sprouts.

    Madge and I went to town to get meds, and pick up something to eat. I also went into the Farmers Co-op to pick up a pound of turnip seeds. I should have turnip seeds tunning out my ears, but cant find them. While at town I though of a place that I have not looked. When I came home I got down on my knees and looked in the forgotten spot, I found seeds that I don't even remember having. I need to get some turnips planted this afternoon, even though I have about walked my limit today.

    I use the bad spray stuff every year, it seems to be the only way I can control the Bermuda, and keep the fence lines clean. I brush hog in places that I can, but I really have a lot that I have to spray also.

  • 10 months ago
    last modified: 10 months ago

    It's not too late yet to try to start some seed like carrots , beets , turnips , spinach , mustard , , collards , kale , or some brassica that it's cooled down some and rained with more rain coming. I say go ahead and plant . Just go for it.

    But do it now. The daylight is shortening pretty quick day by day now.

    That dumb heat dome was what was holding things up. Good riddens.


  • 10 months ago

    I got up this morning and tilled spots in the north, south, and pasture gardens. I went through the much too large seed stash that I have to find some things to plant, I dont have enough garden to plant my old seeds, but I will pick some to plant anyway. I have new seeds for the things that I want to make sure comes up. I will have to plant more beets ( beets are one of my problem children ), I never get a good stand, they are either mutch too thick, or too thin.

    I checked under the cardboard where I had the Danver carrots, and Salad Bowl lettuce planted, and remover the cardboard over the Salad bowl because it was already sprouting. Both of the seed beds were planted 9-11, I expected the lettuce to sprout, but it would be rushing it a bit to expect the carrots to sprout this soon, plus, I am not sure how old the carrot seeds are.

    I still have onions coming up where I don't want them, but they are easy to transplant ( like I need more walking onions).

    I noticed that some of the sweet potatoes are sizing up, the rains may have helped them, but I also expect that I will have some split potatoes.

  • 10 months ago

    We got an inch of very needed and appreciated rain. I thought we had missed out but then about 10:00 Sunday night it started a slow gentle rain - a little more predicted tonight

    Tuesday we went east of Norman to pick up 4 new pullets and while we were down that way went by to pick up some okra. I had told them I would take 10 lbs but when I saw it I took 20 lbs. It was fresh out of the garden and all small enough to be tender.

    I put all but 2 large bowls in the freezer It will be so good in soup and casseroles this winter. Okra is one of the few things that do not do well in raised beds - even when i plant the Baby Bubba variety. My husband said next year he will work up a small area in corner of cattle pen and shut it off so I can plant a few rows in the ground.

  • 10 months ago

    This has been my worst okra year. I have had a ton of insects, and it seemed that something would chew a hole in the shoulder, then the ants would move in. It could have been almost any kind of insect because I have them all. I think the grasshoppers are eating my newly sprouted plants, lettuce seems to be one of their favorite.

    I planted turnips, arugula, spinach, and more lettuce today. I may have to get some kind of cover to protect my young plants. I doubt that you could protect young plants with any kind of spray, that is something I have never tried.

    I seem to have enough green tomatoes coming on to keep up in fresh tomatoes till after frost, but I do need to start clearing out old vines.

  • 10 months ago

    Well, we got a half of an inch of rain over 3 days. Not what I was hoping for. Maybe it will get us next time.

  • 10 months ago

    I had to water today, the large plants were okay, but I felt that the seed beds and small plants needed the water. My first seeds were planted on the 4th and some are not up. I am having good luck getting the mustard up, but some of the other stuff is a little slow. I still want to plant some Florida Broad leaf mustard, and some Daikon radishes. I will have to check my seed supply and see if I have something else I want to plant.

    I have been walking so much that my left foot is so inflamed that I can hardly walk, I just cant do much walking without this happening.

  • 10 months ago

    Larry , my worst okra years was 2011 ,2012. I couldn't even get okra to come up over an inch or two.

    Plus the grasshoppers was so bad that I even bowed down to using " Malathion " but it didn't work.

    I've never seen it so hot as to not grow okra until then.( the plagues of Egypt come to mind)'

    Right now my okra has been producing very well ,almost more than I can tend to. I suspect the cooler temps will slow it down some.

    Lately I've been trying to plant out things for the fall , both over east and at Jennifers ( the SG).All the cool season things , greens .roots , brassica plants. Turnips and greens like collards ,kale ,mustard.... that can take the cold. Got some things starting to come up. Might have to replant some more

    .It's mid Sept now. Gotta get it all in NOW , or the sun angle will get too low.( sun swings the other way, and so does the shadows))+

    And then get ready to cover for the freezing temps.

    Hoping to get some production of cowpeas to can or freeze or dry.

    That's my early fall report.


  • 10 months ago

    Rick, I am sorting out seeds now, I plan on planting a short row of okra, not for production, but just to test germination. My okra has been so bad this year that I don't want to even save seeds from it. If my old seed stock does fine I will use it for next year, rather than this years production. I will plant grain rye of Florida Broad leaf mustard for a cover crop where the okra is now, because the okra looks like it may have rootknot nematode damage also.

  • 10 months ago

    Nancy, and anyone else that might know what this type of pea/bean that I have growing all along my ditches and fence rows. I was spraying along my north fence row and noticed which I am calling a wild pea of bean. I started spraying anything that would be in the way of the fence. This is much later than I normally spray, and i have not noticed this type of pea before, but I am thinking that this plant may be something the wildlife would really like to have around.

    I hope I can get some words of wisdom on this plant, and is it friend or foe?

    Thanks for looking.

  • 10 months ago

    The way there are 2 or 3 clustered together makes me think southern peas

  • 10 months ago

    Is the bottom picture a nice crop of bindweed?

  • 10 months ago

    Kim, I am not sure what bindweed is, the bottom picture looks different than most of my many weeds.

    The top picture does look a lot like southern peas, but they are sure growing in harsh conditions. I did not spray all the peas, if they grow that well along a ditch and in the fence row, how good would they grow in a garden with a little care?

  • 10 months ago

    I always had better luck with my cowpeas underwatering. Bindweed its very pretty but invasive vine. I lost over 100 onions one year to it. It created a mat over half of my onion patch. I couldn’t keep up. Last time I ever took free hay from someone.

  • 10 months ago

    Kim, all my hay is free, and boy, does it cause a lot of problems most of the time. I had a round bale dropped off a few weeks ago, it is more weeds than anything else. I am getting to the point that I am not man enough to handle all the work that goes with most free stuff.

    I planted (3) 75' rows of greens this afternoon, they were in new ground out in the pasture, may not get anything up.

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