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Tips for buying your new home.

KR KNuttle
3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

One of the continuing problem I see in this forum is that people buy new house based on what is inside. There are many other considerations.

If you have more that two vehicles, don't consider a house in a packed subdivision. If you have two cars on a small lot they will take up a big share of the frontage feet of your lot. If the front yard is shallow they will fill the space between the street and the garage. If you have more that two vehicles where are you going to park the third. Where will company park? In some of these subdivisions I have seen, there is no space for the cars of the people who visit you.

This consideration becomes a bigger problem if you have or use a company provided vehicle. Can you park a box truck on the street in front of the house.

If you have a boat or RV the problems as increased significantly. If this is your first house your budget is probably stretched. Can the your budget handle the house payment, upkeep, and the cost of storage for the boat or RV.

Our neighbor moved in and saw my nice side yard and though it was his. When he move He learned the lot line was 10' from his house. This meant he could not put the drive to his back yard as he though when looking at the house.

Make sure you understand the HOA rules, and what your total and periodic needs are for space around you house.