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Healthy or not?

Ben D (zone 7b)
3 months ago

I have three Gold Standard hostas in one bed with leaves that are dying back more than I would expect this time of year. Here's one:

Another has no green left at all. I dug this one up, and here's what I see:

There were a couple of fleshy parts among the roots (as in the lower left of the last photo) that had some mush to them, but were mostly firm.

The dead leaves do not separate readily at the base (as opposed to southern blight, which I've experienced). The roots smell ok as far as I can tell, although I don't have a lot of trust in my sense there.

Some of the leaves of the hosta I dug up appeared to have some white powder at the base, although it washed off before I took the photo. I don't see this on the other two Gold Standards.

I have other Gold Standards in another area which are doing fine other than ugly sun damage. (These are the parents through division of the hostas above.)

Most of my other hostas are doing ok, although a few are showing (what I hope to be) seasonal decline. This is Dream Weaver, planted last fall:

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