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Here is the quilt I never thought I would make

3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

This quilt would never have been made except that my beloved stepson asked for a quilt in brown and green, with pictures of hunting and fishing and a minky backing, but also long enough to cover his 6'5" frame. Not too specific!! And definitely not the type of quilt I would normally make. But here it is - 70" x 95". The brown and brown/black fabrics remind me of tree bark. The green fabric has pine cones and boughs. The fabric that looks like camo actually has forest animals on it. I made bear claw blocks for the corners and a few flying geese between the fish. The quilting pattern looks like wood grain and is an Urban Elementz pattern called Kindling. The backing is a luscious cocoa brown. And it was a bear to quilt. (I guess that's in keeping with the woodland theme.) His birthday is in September, and he's coming to visit on October 7. I can't wait to show it to him. I think he will love it. Crazy, what we do for love.

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