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Likelihood of fruit from a troubled tree

Hey all,

I thought I'd drop in and ask a question as I'm trying to determine if one if my trees is worth the effort to keep it alive.

Some background:

My first ever citrus purchase came from a local nursery and was a nagami kumquat. It had fruit on it when I got it, but died a few months after purchase with some odd symptoms (I now know that was a graft incompatability but I was a teenager at the time). Fast forward, I decided to get a citrus tree agaim a few years ago and made the mistake, again, of buying from a local nursery. This tree was also a Nagami kumquat and, while it didn't have the same incompatability problem, it did have a number of issues when I bought it, leaf chlorosis, witch's broom, a couple other fungi, spidermites, root rot etc. (Don't judge, I didn't know you could get good trees online at the time and figured I could save the tree, it was also the only one I could find in my area). After several years of fighting to keep the tree alive, and many, many treatments, it has finally started growing healthy leaves but it had a good amount of bare branches in the middle as a result of losing leaves to its many issues. All my other plants bloom regularly and produce fruit, except this tree. What are the chances that it will ever fruit? I've had the tree more than 5 years and it has only been healthy for the last year or two. If it won't I'm considering replacing it with another tree from a reputable nursery that I know will produce fruit.

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