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Fescue being invaded by Bermuda, might switch to Zoysia

3 months ago

I live in Rock Hill SC (zone 8), and lawn is full sun all day long. I also have irrigation. Lawn is currently 5,000 sf of tall Fescue, but I have a patch of Bermuda (100 sf) in the front. That showed up last year, and has doubled in size. I don't know where the Bermuda came from, but it's taking over the front yard. I also have a crab grass problem, and I've tried everything to get rid of crab grass. Now I'm thinking of going with Zeon Zoysia so I don't have to deal with the crab grass. Is this wise? How do I actually switch? Do I use a bobcat or dingo to scrape up the Fescue, and then lay down the Zoysia sod rolls? If I put in the Zoysia, will the Bermuda still invade? Other houses in my neighborhood are 70% Fescue and 30% Bermuda. I don't think we have any Zoysia yards in my neighborhood.

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