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Re-working front entry after driveway/paver renovation

3 months ago

We JUST finished putting pavers on driveway (widened to 22'), front walkway, and side path to tie into back patio. I THINK I need 2 or 3 potted plants to flank garage and/or walkway to front door. I have another black planter like one in picture -- wondering if 2 matching could be used, or if I definitely need 3? Regarding plants, I've thought about spiral boxwood, but we do travel 2-3 weeks at a time and making certain they're watered could be an issue. Also considered desert roses, which are very hardy, tho slow growers. Any other suggestions?

The front flower bed has a border of blue daze ... should I consider bringing that around the post and down the driveway to the first curve? I've gotten more minimal in this house, but do like some color and want it to be welcoming.

THANK YOU for any thoughts. Really appreciate any input.

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