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Ryobi vs Kobalt Battery Mower

3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

Good-day a couple of weeks ago my Gas powered mower blew up.I needed to mow my lawn but was not about to go buy a new mower right now as they are at their peak prices I borrowed my brother-in-laws Ryobi battery self propelled which has a 5.0 battery it did a fair job my grass was a bit high so it was definitely not as powerful as my gas mower with that being said i did like it but I know with the grass being a bit high it did drain the battery more quickly i turned the self propel off to conserve battery.I got about 1/2 of my large back done before I had to recharge I do have another charger and a 2.6 40V battery that i have for my ryobi weed trimmer i used that but it was quickly drained so I wound up having to charge the 5.0 one more time.

with that being said i do like the battery powered I really cant foresee myself using the self propelled all the time but better to have than not to have I also will have to not let my grass get too high before cutting i'm sure i will still need to buy a back up battery to use when this one dies no matter what size battery i get i cannot see it doing my whole back on one charge maybe under optimal circumstances not too high of grass and limited self propelled i can barely squeak by so with that being said that brings me to my question there are two mowers i am looking at that i am on the fence about

Ryobi Ry401260 $479.00 this is a 40V with a 8AH battery this has dual blade though i'm not sure if the dual blade would drain the battery more quickly

I am leaning towards ryobi for the fact that I already have a charger and albeit smaller battery with the 2.6 but I do have the second charger

Kobalt KMP 6080-06 is the second mower this is on sale for $499 right now this is an 80V 6AH mower im thinking this would be slightly more powerful and with it being an 80V vs 40V im thinking run time would be possibly about 15 minutes more it does have a couple of interesting features most noted is it does have a battery indicator on the handle which i really like but thats not really enough to push me over the edge.once i factor in the price of another charger that little bit of extra power and run time may not be worth it.

I'm kind of on the fence between these two there is a $20 difference

I would like the added power of the kobalt but with the dual cut blade system of the ryobi would this kind of be a push with dual blades versus a single blade mower?

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