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End of August...Hello September.

3 months ago

I did see that the first two weeks of September are supposed to be above normal temps.

But, today is nice!

I'm about to head outdoors and start pulling plants.

Then will sow carrots, turnip, and beet seeds. And plant the fall tomatoes.

Y'all, I'm pretty sure it's the constant extreme temperatures and sunlight, but last night I could barely function. I wanted to water deeply last night, so this afternoon I could do the above mentioned things, but had to bring a chair to the garden to sit and water. I've never been like that. I just moved the chair around to shady spots and shot the water into the near beds. Then, wanted to walk Josi because she hasn't been walked much because it's been so hot. I literally drug myself around the neighborhood and was in pain the entire time. I've never been achy like this other than when I've had the flu. It has to be the weather.

I still wonder about that lupus thing....

Anyway, happily it's cooler today.

Apparently, I left the sprinkler on the SG last night--all night. I really remember turning it off. But, maybe not OR maybe I accidentally shut off one of the automatic chicken waterers. I guess I should check that soon. I was really exhausted so a mistake could have been made.

Larry, the two little raised beds that I scored from Walmart won't be used by me. I still have two Vego beds and a Greentalk that are sitting empty. I didn't get around to filling them yet. I'm really hoping I can at least start the Vego process--begin filling them with compost items and then plant them in the spring.

I bought the little beds for $6 because they were so cheap. Normally they're $50. My sister wants one and so does my daughter--she wants to try growing herbs. They're a cute pale greenish-blue color and will be perfect for both of their patios.

That's about all.

If someone has started a new thread by the time I get this one up, I'll delete this one.

What's everyone up to?

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