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Adding a Porch Roof - Column Spacing Problems

3 months ago


We're trying to give a facelift to an old 1950's split level, and part of this work will be covering an existing front concrete porch with a roof. Our living room faces the porch and has the typical 50's split-level picture window flanked by two double-hung windows in our living room--we also wanted to reconfigure this window as part of this renovation. Our architect had given us an initial elevation, including the porch layout, which we spent over an hour tweaking with him. Ultimately, the only solution we found to maintain even column spacing along the porch length and avoid conflicts with windows and doors required us to relocate an entry closet in order to move the front entry door. We are now realizing (after marking things out at the house) that the proposed locations for the new windows are significantly off-center (in an unappealing way) relative to the living room from the interior side, and the architect's proposed location for a new family room door onto the porch (replacing an existing slider) conflicts with the location of an existing wet bar. We would have compromised and spent the money on the entry reconfiguration to make the columns work, but feel that the other two issues now make even this not viable as a solution.

The attached pdf Bluebeam markup is all we could come up with (our markups and a snippet of the interior floor plan are in red). We will review with the architect, but we would love some independent perspective from you folks as to how on- or off- track we are, and what may look wrong. From this site, we've learned that the spacing need not be maintained at the entry door, so we've utilized that option. We've also noticed from pictures on Houzz that where there is a distinct element in the porch roof, this can be utilized to break the column spacing, so we added a short gable at the deeper (left) end of the porch, and a double column at one side to maintain an even spacing with the other "bays" in front of the living room. Still the door there is not centered under the gable, but we were thinking we could offset this with a piece of furniture or a sconce.

Even some rough rules on spacing and when it can be irregular/when it should not be, etc. would be extremely helpful.

Thanks for reading.

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