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Effect of grow light vs (and in combination with) cloudy day in Sweden

Carl R
3 months ago


I am new to growing plants and grow lights. but my plan is to ensure continuous growth for my basil plant and other plants throughout the winter in Sweden. To facilitate this, I've purchased a grow light for my kitchen table lamp, strategically positioned beside a large window (refer to the attached picture).

The lamp is positioned approximately 40 cm (16 inches) away from the plant. The grow light is 11W (according to manufactor it correspond to 100W), fullspectrum, 1000 lumen, 50/60Hz, 220 AC.

Simultaneously, the plant receives UV light from its proximity to the window. The provided picture captures the scene at 15:00, despite the sun being obscured by clouds at that moment.

I'm curious about the effectiveness of the grow light when compared to the UV light from outside on overcast days?

Additionally, I'd like to understand the extent of UV reduction experienced during the winter season?

I know it might be hard to answer, I am super happy for any respons :)


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