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One Exterior Black attic window and the rest White, yes or no?

3 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

Gutted to the studs and building everything new on an 1885-year-old two-story.

The windows that all went up are Anderson 400s white, no grills.

I have one small attic window (23" wide, approx 30" tall). One in front and one in back of house.

I have two black Anderson windows with grills on top that will fit perfect.

I will be siding the house with James Hardie Aged Pewter (debated over Iron Gray) 7 1/4. The gable portion of house, where I want to put the only black window, will be surrounded by cedar mill shakes same color.

I have searched all over to see if I can find a picture of one window that is different from the rest and can't find any. Is this a disastrous decision or creative accenting? Any opinions? I am not afraid of being different, but I am afraid of eye sores if this does not look good. Please help. I know most say keep all the same color, but for accent look, is it really that bad? Especially on this size window? I asked an architect who works with older homes and said as long as I keep that only window black, it will be consider an accent. Please help with any professional design comments.

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